10 Life Lessons I Learned from 2020

Happy New Year!

I don’t know what to type but this is the thing I wanted to share, as of the moment. Last 2020, life becomes up and down due to the unexpected pandemic, lockdowns and everything in between that totally affect us all.

Plans, vacation trips, short visits and etc., can be rarely done resulting me to learned this life lessons. As this new year becomes a new start, I would like to share this not just for me to understand deeper things in my life but looking forward to hear someone out what lessons I learned.

1. Family is important.

As the pandemic strike worldwide, most news I heard not just from the television but also to some of my friends online and offline lost a family member. This is very depressed as the pandemic needs to practice health safety measures in order not to spread the said virus, and to the point that they can’t see or visit a love one in person makes me think that I must cheerish things as well as moment I have with my family. I am already an orphan but I still have my Aunt who’s there to ask me things out and I am very grateful to have her.

2. Emergency fund is a must.

Yes, definitely! Who knows until when we do have work? Does our income stable enough to feed yourself or your family, buy our needs not to mention our wants too? So, emergency fund is really a must have, not just for parents but to every individual. ☺️ Thankfully, my employer taught me things when it comes to handling my finances back in 2017, I was thinking to write a blog post for that maybe this end of January.

3. Learn to heal first.

Healing ourselves not just physical but of course mentally and emotionally be our thing. 2020 put me in a depressive year as things drained me mentally and emotionally. I am very grateful that I do have this platform to share things out and also my sisters in Christ who become my wall and rant person. 🖤

4. Everyone makes mistake.

Everyone makes a mistakes and so do I. Its okay to makes mistake as I am not a perfect person but one thing I learned that when I made a mistake I should tell things what truly happened and stop telling lies. Truth will always win.

5. Stop holding grudges.

Holding on to grudges is really a big no-no. It will drain you out and it feels like you carry the whole world in your shoulder and letting them go, feels great. Forgiving myself from the past mistakes and missed opportunities would be the best rather than holding them on.

6. Ask forgiveness to those people whom I hurt.

As the whole year 2020, honestly I guess I hurt not just one, or two close people around me but a lot. But then one thing that life in year 2020 taught me, to ask their forgiveness. That way, I am able to concentrate and channel my regrets the feeling of being sorry for myself. After all, knowing to myself that I ask their forgiveness although it is not that easy to forgive as I am very aware that I did things that hurt them.

7. Stop doing the same mistake.

Some says “Once is enough, twice is too much” and I felt that. I learned that a mistake must done once but doing it again and again becomes a decision.

8. Love yourself.

Loving myself first becomes a vital part of me after my break up thingy. Learning to love me back becomes hard but knowing things what I truly want is very rewarding as I slowly learn to know me more. Loving ourselves first made me think that how can I love others if I can’t love myself at the very first. ☺️

9. Self care is important.

From break up recovery to rush academic year in college, I learned that self-care is very-very important. We are all humans that needs to prioritize our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self too. So, taking care of ourselves is crucial as we are not robots that doesn’t feel any exhaustion in life.

10. Live in your world, not from others.

After all, life is more than this. Living the best life in our own world is great than living in others. We are here on purpose and we will rock this on our own. Imagine that if we live in the world of others, how can we make our own world becomes wonderful in our own? We can’t right? So, stop living in other world and start on your own.

That’s it, a year filled with everything. I hope I could share more life lessons I encounter in this year 2021, but this is just for now.

Until next post, thank you so much for reading.

How about you? What life lessons 2020 taught in you? Share them in the comments below. I would love to know them.

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