10 Life-Changing Habits of Aspired Minimalists (w/ Rosell Jardinico)

The English-speaking Frenchie

* 10 Habitudes Minimalistes qui changeront votre vie.

That post is a collaboration between Rosell Jardinico and myself. I will share one habit of mine, and then one habit of my fellow-blogger. Then I will translate the 10 habits into French in the italics. I hope you will enjoy these 10 Habits of Aspired Minimalists.

Today’s collaboration is a little “different” as everything will be directly on my blog and not on Rosell’s one. The reason for it is that Rosell changed a little bit the purpose of her own blog since we had the idea of writing this post together. That is the reason why we decided to put it all directly on my blog in order to let her time to really think about the content she wants to produce for her own blog. Thus, it is a mix between a guest post & a…

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