Hello, I’m Rosell Jardinico. An aspired minimalist in her twenties, filipina – just incase you’re wondering. A working student who currently pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship. I speak English, Tagalog, Ilonggo, and now I’m learning some Spanish too.

So, why I’m here?

As an avid reader of books, blogs, articles or any form of information that is related to lifestyle, minimalism, self-development, inspirations and other things that interests myself. So, its been a year as of this writing, when I started to love and live this journey and I was thinking that, why don’t I start a blog or a site and share those ideas, thoughts and lesson I’ve learn. I don’t want to be a consumer of knowledge but rather a sharer too.

First I’m scared to start because English isn’t my first language. I try to motivate myself not just once, twice, thrice and so on to start one, cause if those journey made my life easier then probably you can too.

So in this site, I’ll mainly talked about my lifestyle, some motivation & inspirations, food and travel adventures, and a bit of my personal development not to mention other things I found interest to share.

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Ps. I’m not so good at my grammars but I do try my very best to learn from it.