Exam.Net Review | September Life Update

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Woah! Its been a month since my last formal post. September comes very quick and a little stressful, thankfully I overcome it without getting myself too much self-burnout.

Hello, everyone! I am happy to announce that I am back in college. Whooo! Finally, another answered prayer – thank you Lord. Back in 2017, the time I am new to this family and to the church I always pray to the Lord that somehow I wanted to fulfill my promise to my Mama back in the days when she’s with me. I came from a poor family back in the province and one thing that my parents and other parents, wanted for there kids is to finish middle school and lucky for you if you surpass and have a fire in yourself to finish college. Although in this generation where degree isn’t a requirement to have a job but I consider it as a gate pass to the ladder where success doesn’t define by your GPA or degree but by your ability, capacity, and willingness … again it is not a requirement. (Sabi nga nila pag may tiyaga may nilaga) As everyone says, hard work has its reward.

So, back to the present moment. My employer was happily agree to sent me back in college. Isn’t that a good news, right? But one thing I am overjoyed was they are the one who pay for my tuition, and I was a fully paid I for first semester. HUHUHUHU I am literally crying in joy! After my 3 years of prayer (that sometimes ended up myself asking should I pray for this?), spiritual challenge to the Lord, and so much more happening in my life. Finally, it goes to my answered prayer list!


Since, I was back in college. September comes a little stressful as I try to balance my work and study time, though I forgot to finish some of my drafts because of it. Not to mention that we are still in the midst of the pandemic and being a home schooling is not the usual way of learning since being in school is the majority way of education being used here in the Philippines. Though, I have attended 3 to 4 online classes before but module is very new in my experience.

Since, last week we just successfully finish our Preliminary Exams held on Exam.Net and after a dry-run and 3 consecutive days of use on prelim examination, there’s some sort of the things I discover and think will help others especially that Department of Education just started out there classes this 5th of October. So, here’s the discovery …


We are all very strict when it comes to our information and Exam.Net comes with a very high security when it comes to processing data. I can still remember that we even enable/turn on high security mode on our browser before the examination begins.


One thing we’ve been asking whenever we try new things if it is easy or not? Well, this one is very easy as long as you have a stable connection.


Yes! This is the third thing I’ve discovered, though mobile screen’s are okay but fonts are way too small.


HAHAHHA, yes. You can’t because if you do, you will be automatically lock and you need to explain on your prof/instructor why?


Well, who doesn’t cheat? Primary, Middle School? AHHAHAHA I can still remember our motto back in my Junior year in middle school that … A class that cheats together, succeeds together! But on exam.net you can or you can’t. AHHAHHA have your ways but then keep in mind that Honesty is the best policy!


Yes! Totally, free. All you need is an Exam Key for Student and upon researching they even offer free of charge for schools outside Sweden.

Thats it! I will be updating this post if ever I encounter some cons on the website. Overall, our prelim exams went smooth, not to mention that some students got lock out. Just a little tip, if ever you got locked-out and can’t request an unlock due to connectivity error – just change your name, or add some middle initial and rock that exam. Good luck!

Before closing this post I wanted to ask you, have you ever tried online/modular classes? If yes, would you leave some tips or tricks on the comments below how to rock and roll? I would love to know things about it.

Until next post,



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Author: Rosell Jardinico

Hi! I'm Rosell Jardinico, university student. I write things about my life, my journey as a student and things that I find interest to share. Overall, I am passionate to the topics about minimalist lifestyle, mental health, mindfulness and crafting.

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