Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things Review

Before anything else, I’d like to thank Living Verde for this awesome recommendation!

I don’t know any of you guys, but if you’re a follower of mine on Twitter, I already post a mini review I think a week ahead from now. Lucky for me The Minimalists heart it on Twitter, and I was like Wow! (My tweet got notice) Still I feel inspired on the film. 🤗

It was a great film actually! A game changer and a must watch to every minimalist out there. I know it was a 2015 film but the message embedded into it, feels like we need it everyday. Most countries today were deep in the world of consumerism, and this film helped me to think and realize that owning and consuming things does not satisfy our longing, we just think that we need those things because we’ve been told by our society. But the truth is, we don’t need much stuff, what we need was a simple one, have an intentional life and find joy because happiness is cheap. Try to find it!

Lastly, try to unplugged/turn things off and let yourself breath in this wonderful world. We must cherish every minute we have here, because life was too short to worry and hold ourselves to the earthly things we don’t need.

I recommend this film for you guys to simply to learn the idea of minimalism, and also to people who may not into this lifestyle and to those who are minimalists!

Love people and use things, cause the opposite doesn’t work.

The Minimalist

Have a good day!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you had a great day! Do you have any recommendations about films, series or documentaries about Minimalism, or Slow Living? Let me know down below on the comment box. I’ll be happy to check them out!

Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things | Rosell Jardinico


Author: Rosell Jardinico

Hi! I'm Rosell Jardinico, university student. I write things about my life, my journey as a student and things that I find interest to share. Overall, I am passionate to the topics about minimalist lifestyle, mental health, mindfulness and crafting.

4 thoughts on “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things Review”

  1. Yay! I’ve been wanting to watch this documentary! It has been on my list and reading your review made me want to really watch it. I love the ideas you pointed out! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

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    1. Hi dear! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this review. I was hoping that this post encourage you to watch it, because the topic on it was really a life changer, especially that you mentioned before that you’re kinda love the idea of minimalism! 💕 Stay safe, don’t over binge! Xo

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  2. I loved the documentary, and you should also check out Matt D’Avella’s work if you haven’t already. I’m not a super minimalist myself—I’m more of a no-clutter person—but I still appreciate the lifestyle and its philosophies. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. My pleasure! Yes absolutely, his indeed an inspiration. I’ve binge watch his YouTube Channel this week and I can see myself in a few of it. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stuart! 🤗


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