A day in my Life

Before starting out I’d like to thank Princess of The Mindful Modus for this post recommendation. Thank you so much dear also I’m so sorry it took me long to publish this.

My day usually started by opening my eyes (hahahah yeah, just joking!). Somehow, I thank God at first on it, for allowing me to live and conquer this wonderful world again. I count 1-5 first to use my senses rather than my brain for me not to overthink those worldly problem I’ll be facing for the day. Making sense of my surroundings the moment I woke up feels that I’m very aware of what I was doing.

I make my bed, (usually I woke up around 5.30-6 in the morning) and do my morning rituals. Let me know in the comment section if you guys would like me to do a post with this. 😊

After it, I’ll be doing the daily chores like sweeping floors or not vacuuming them because we have two dogs in the house and their fur may not be allergenic but we are baking goods (like bread and pastry) so we must be careful when it comes to it.

By 8 am, I make my coffee at the same time it is my favorite part of my daily routine on which I am fully slowing things down. I’m at the patio sipping my coffee, listening to some jazzy music while the birds chirping around like they were singing with the tune and wrote some gratitude thoughts on my journal.

I started to develop this habit as my new year’s resolution this 2020 … before when I was on my coffee, I was scrolling my phone on social media or sometimes overthinking things. As the year started it took me 1-2 months to finally master it. Some says it only take 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make a lifestyle, well unlike to me it took me a month to two before then. It was actually hard at first but as soon as you’re willing to change yourself for better, you can make it. (It’s a choice after all)

In that then I’ll be fully awake, plus the caffeine that triggers my brain. I will be doing some laundry, ironing the clothes if not I will be preparing food for lunch, since I was the in-charge in the kitchen.

I’m planning to post back probably by weekly, some sort of food recipes just like the Sisig Tofu, before.

Being a house help and a baker’s assistant sometimes had a lot of task. Some of it, I need to do multiple things at once but as soon as I’m finish It feels great to myself that it was another day with a big ‘round of smile I got from my employer.  Seeing them smiling, thanking me for the delish food I make feels rewarding in my inner-self.

I may not lucky back in my years in province because I’m just 16, orphan with a ruined house, had a scholarship but didn’t have enough food to eat … now I’m very grateful for all the things around me. Thanks to my friend Dan Marie for helping me and the other friend, work to these wonderful and loving people. In fact, it was always a treasure for me!

I hope you enjoy reading the post, leave your thoughts below on what you were thinking while reading this. I’ll be happy to read them. 🖤


Author: Rosell Jardinico

Hi! I'm Rosell Jardinico, university student. I write things about my life, my journey as a student and things that I find interest to share. Overall, I am passionate to the topics about minimalist lifestyle, mental health, mindfulness and crafting.

3 thoughts on “A day in my Life”

  1. Ooh! I didn’t know you bake! Would love to see photos of those lovely breads in the future! Thank you so much for featuring me in this post Rosell! I appreciate it! ❤️

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