A fresh re-start …

“when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Yes, I’m starting out again and again and again. I took an off from the blogging world for two months, I was in a downtime moment for my personal and career self. Things went down like a sloppy hill, had sleepless nights – overthinking on this on that, gain some weight, I stopped working out. Then I realized what am I doing to myself? It looks like I slowly sabotaging it, even though I have a full control for the things around me.

I started to feel guilty into it, until I realized that No, … this is not me. I must stop being this persona – stop holding on to my past mistakes and move on to life.

Other than that, this pandemic actually taught me alot of things, from life development to my personal relationship, career, and also to this blogging journey I’m on.

That when we experience a tough time why not take it as another lesson to grow, and be grateful rather for everyday blessings we received — from small things to big. There’s so much things to appreciate in this world, maybe I/we need to find it.

After all, we can’t be a living person without experiencing downtime moments and trials for ourselves.

As this fresh start I’m taking on. I’d like to thank people behind, who helped me to let go, stand for myself and be grateful to everything. My church mates, C-Life Sissy’s, family and friends, thank you so much. No words could ever define how thankful and grateful I am to have you guys! ♡

See you next time,


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Author: Rosell Jardinico

Hi! I'm Rosell Jardinico, university student. I write things about my life, my journey as a student and things that I find interest to share. Overall, I am passionate to the topics about minimalist lifestyle, mental health, mindfulness and crafting.

9 thoughts on “A fresh re-start …”

      1. Oooh! Yes, I haven’t made new ones though. I enrolled in a few online classes, so I’m a student once again! By the way, I will be posting about my free mini online course about mindfulness later. In case you’re interested, I hope you sign up! 😁❤️

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