A reminder for me today, the moment I woke up from a lil nap. Thanks for this Topher Kearby, your words even ask me “What about your present? How is it?” Those lines keep asking myself. At first I’m worried too, worried from my past decisions for my left but then I try to revoke it. I must do something, I must live every minute of my life. I must change, change the way I think about this present nor my future. All I need is to live.

How about you? How do you want yourself to stay awake? To stay and live on your present? Comment below guys. I’ll be happy to check them out.

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Author: Rosell Jardinico

Hi! I'm Rosell Jardinico, university student. I write things about my life, my journey as a student and things that I find interest to share. Overall, I am passionate to the topics about minimalist lifestyle, mental health, mindfulness and crafting.

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